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SERVICES – It’s what we do, and do well.

  1. Architecture, Planning and DesignWe listen to your needs to find what you want and where you want to go. We then translate that into functional special relationships and sizes, develop schematic designs with as much input as you, the Owner, would like, then the designs through construction observation to help you ultimately get a built project that meets and exceeds your expectations. For property managers and developers, we also provide leasing plans (LOD’s), BOMA calculations and test-fits. We enjoy owner representation from programming and design through construction as we have done with multiple GSA projects. Our core work is commercial/office (including quite a few banks) and light industrial, and have a great deal of experience in many other sectors, including surgery centers, retail, education, senior living and multi-unit residential.
  2. ADA/Accessibility – We have a deep knowledge of ADA/Accessibility, and have provided hundreds of building accessibility assessments and reports. We have managed a team of architects to provide 60 large facility reports across the U.S., over 20 branch banks in the Kansas City area and over 100 facilities in northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri. Possibly of most value is our ability to draw up cost-effective solutions to efficiently “fix” these facilities.
  3. Municipal and Public Works/Art – From dams, bridges and intersections/ interchanges, to building facades and a 9-11 memorial, we love blending engineering function with art and meaning. Besides numerous local awards, we have been honored with 4 national awards including the U.S. Society on Dams Project of the Year, a National People’s Choice Award, a National Society of Environmental Graphics Awards and multiple lighting design awards. We have also been featured in numerous magazines and newspaper, as well as the Musee des Arts and Metiers in Paris, France.

DIFFERENTIATORS: Besides the specialties above and having degrees and experience in Architecture, Engineering and Management, the Owner and project lead, Joel Marquardt recently served as Mayor of Roeland Park, KS.

What’s with the Name: ArchETexture Works? Desiring to amend a long held belief that architects don’t necessarily drawing buildings that work, Joel sought to design with a firm foundation in practical, functional engineering knowledge. His first degree was in Architectural Engineering. After nearly 4 years in Chicago, Joel returned to Kansas City and acquired degrees in Management and Architecture. Utilizing Louis Sullivan’s famous “form follows function” in the name, the “Texture” (in other words, the design or art form) actually does follow function, “Arch E” (engineering), to make his architecture, or ArchETexture.  The “Works” relates to his many projects which mold public works objects into functioning works of art, as well as to reaffirm that function with an eye to low maintenance is behind his designs.

The Firm: Initially founded in 2000, the firm worked a great deal for the City of Lenexa as well as on commercial and residential projects. After four years and a bout with cancer, Joel worked for the Kansas City firm of GastingerWalker& and gained a great breadth of experience (see “Projects/Clients Experience”). In the summer of 2018, Joel once again decided it was time to “open up shop.” The firm has many constructed projects ranging from multiple banks and car sales, to residential. Upcoming construction includes a recreation facility, curling, a classic cars business and a dam and spillway in Dallas, Texas. To catagorize, our primary markets are Commercial/Office, Light Industrial, Municipal and Residential…along with ADA accessibility.

Let’s get started: Please allow us to bring our experience and enjoy a process with you which will bring your visions to reality. We have a deep respect for your budget and schedule, and will combine this with our architecture and design skills to meet and exceed your needs. Contact us and we’ll get started! Please call 816-304-9369 or email:

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We would enjoy hearing from you, and about your goals and needs. We look forward to getting started!